The greater community of Burnet, Llano and Marble Falls as well as the local media have been enthusiastic supporters of the Highland Lakes Honor guard and its mission. Below are some of the many accolades that the Honor Guard has received. Names have been withheld in some instances to respect the privacy of those individuals mentioned in the correspondence.
American Flag with Service Branches

Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony y’all presented at Gene Collin’s Funeral.  It was very emotional and heartfelt.  Gene was very proud of his service and his country.  He’d loved the ceremony too.  With much appreciation.  Janine Osborne.  Thank you each for your service!

A Very Special thank you …with sincere appreciation.  To each and every one of ya’ll; most importantly, thank you for your service and the pride and honor you have given to the Chapman family.  From the Sawyer – Chapman Family   Thank You!

I want you to know that I appreciate your services and thank you for the ceremonial  my husband, Bryan; he served 30 years in the Army. I have pictures of the ceremony and it meant a lot to me.  It’s been over a year now and I want to send a donation to the Honor Guard so it passes this service on and  can help someone else.

Dear Honor Guard, Words cannot express the appreciation I have for your beautiful ceremony honoring my husband and all our veterans. The only thing to say is thank you so much. God bless all of you.

Thanks so very much for what you did in honor Carroll at the City of Burnet Cemetery. I know he would have been pleased, as I am. I’ll always remember the Highland Lakes rendition of military funeral honors and the U. S. Flag you gave me. It means a lot and I’ll appreciate it for years to come. Enclosed is a small donation for the very moving service.

Our family really appreciated your service at my husband’s funeral on 11-15-18 at Lakeland Hills. Enclosed is a donation in his memory. God bless you all.

Gentlemen: Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for you excellent presentation at the memorial service for my brother, Bill Smith. Please accept the enclosed as a token of my appreciation .

Thank you for the beautiful military funeral honors for my dad, Wilbert F. Schriefer. Please accept this donation in his memory. God bless you and thank you.

Dear Highland Lakes Honor Guard, we were deeply moved by the military honors rendered for our father and his wife, Wilbert Schriefer, Friday, October 26. Thank you for your service to honor our dad and to our nation’s veteran families. It was a great comfort to us.

The family of Walter Nelson greatly appreciate the honor that you gave our father, a veteran of WW II. The explanation of the folding of the flag was something that most of our family had never heard and it certainly left a lasting impression. God bless what you do for our veterans. My sincere thanks to all.

To: Highland Lakes Honor Guard. We thank each of you for the wonderful service you provided for our dear departed loved one, David Fisher, on 5-4-18. Enclosed is a check (contribution) for one hundred dollars. Thank each of you again, and may God bless you, and thank you for the beautiful Flag.

Howdy Commander,
I’m writing to thank you and the Honor Guard for your wonderful service to the community. I’ve had the privilege of seeing you each year at the WFTW Main Event in Marble Falls…Again, thank you for everything you do. It’s so important, not for the dead, but for those of us still here, to honor and appreciate those who gave so much.

Thank you so very much for honoring our brother, Dennis Davis.

My family was so touched by your service and devotion in providing Honor Guard services for a veteran, such is my dad. Bless youy in your good continued works.

Thank you so much for the beautiful flag service at Don’s “Celebration of Life”. On behalf of our family, I want you to know how touching it was for us to be given such a wonderful ceremony for our husband and father. I will cherish the flag. Our family was very touched and appreciative. I hope this small donation will allowothers to benefit from this special service

Dear Highland Lakes Honor Guard: When I woke up this morning, the power of your flag folding ceremony moved me again. I read the sheet to fully understand all the folds and the inserts of the spent shells. Charlie always put his trust in God. Duty, honor and country were the highest priorities. I will cherish this band of love and devotion.

Highland Lakes Honor Guard:  We would like to thank each of you for your service in the past, present and future. We were so blessed to have you at our brother’s memorial service in Marble Falls March 4, 2017 2:00 pm. “Gregory Lynn Moddle.” Enclosing a small gift to put towards some of the needs that the Honor Guard has. Thanks again for your service to all and for the service you did for us at our brother’s memorial service.

On behalf of the Wheelers for the Wounded-Texas Board of Directors, we would like to thank you and all the Highland Lakes Honor Guard members for your continued support and sponsorship. Our organization keeps growing allowing us to support more of our military wounded warriors and heroes. We would like to make a $500 donation to Highland Lakes Honor Guard to help your organization in any way you see fit. We couldn’t have come this far without the generosity of you and your members.

The card we received was signed by many of the family members who added their personal comments: Such a beautiful send off. Thank you so much for being with our family today; Thank you so much for honoring my dad today at his memorial service. It meant so much to all of us;Thank you for your service to our country and for the time spent honoring Dick Olson on Friday. We truly appreciate it; It was incredible to witness your honor to my grandpa and grandma today. Thank you for everything and your service. With love; Thank you for everything; Thank you so very much; Thank you for your continued service to our country and servicemen in such a special way. May God bless you all with peace and love.

On behalf of the entire Heffington Family, we thank you and your Honor Guard for your service, the best any of us have ever seen.

Thanks for the service you provided. The time and resources were very much appreciated. The salute, the flag, and TAPS made a very meaningful and emotional experience

Thank you for helping us honor our loved one, Art. Your part in his service was a great reminder to each of us of his service to our country.

Thanks for the service you provided. The time and resources were very much appreciated. The salute, the flag and tape made a very meaning full and emotional experience.

Dear Commander Taylor, On behalf of the entire Heffington family, we thank you and your Honor Guard for your service and the best any of us have ever seen.

Charlie – Thank you so much for performing TAPS. I know it is a special effort on your part and I appreciate it very much.

On behalf of the family, I want you to know how touching it was for us to be given such wonderful and heartfelt ceremony of our dad’s funeral. The time and effort of the Highland Lakes Honor Guard is an amazing act of patriotism. Please know how very much we appreciate the honor you gave my dad, John Landon, at this fine funeral.

Thank you so much for the beautiful flag service at my husband’s funeral. Please accept this small donation for your services. Sincerely…

Thank you so much for all you did for us and for my husband. We are all so grateful to all of you.

Thank you so much for the presentation yesterday for my Husband – It was very impressive.

Thank You – How very nice of you. Dear Charlie & Highland Lakes Honor Guard, Just a note to thank you again for the beautiful memorial to honor our grandpa Scotty. Everything was perfect! Thanks for being so good to Diana.

Thank you so much for serving our country and for making Carlos’ service special today.

For all the special things you did to make my husband (name withhelfd) graveside service so very special. He would have been so pleased. Thank you so much, you are so special.

You are all very special. It was a very touching and beautiful service – Leon would have loved it all. God bless all of you.

Thank you do much for the beautiful and tounching ceremony. Daddy would have loved it been proud.

Thanks, For all you do. . .THANK YOU. I know you all do so much for so many folks. I want to thank you all for the flag service you did and the flag you gave to me at Smithwick Cemetery from my Husband’s casket. I’ll be eternally grateful to all of you that took part in the process of the Flag Cemetery presentation.

Dear Honor Guard of Highland Lakes, On behalf of our family, I want to extend our heartfelt thanks for the ceremony performed at my father’s celebration of life in Horseshoe Bay. The honor and dignity of your presence was deeply moving. The presentation of the flag keeps reminding me of the great generation that served so valiantly. Please know how much our family appreciates your service to our country. This special tribute will never be forgotten. Sincerely,

Thanks for what y’all do and for making time for us and my husband. We can’t give enough thanks.

The family of Fred Pipes (USMC) wishes to thank you very much for your flag presentation and service. It was truly a wonderful tribute to his memory. Sincerely…

Thank you so much for the beautiful flag ceremony at my husband Theran Brooks memorial service. I appreciate very much the time spent preparing for and attending the service. My family was very touched and appreciative. I will cherish the flag and Therans memory. Sincerely…

Thank you for rendering military funeral honors to my husband Bill Heisler. Everyone was so impressed with the ceremony. Your organization is awesome! (donation enclosed)

Thank you each and everyone that participated in the service for my uncle Floyd Edward “Pete” Randall (donation included)

Commander Bristow. I am returning a flag to you to replace the one you so graciously gave my son at his father’s service on September 6. You did a beautiful job and we are forever gratful to you for your kindness. Regards.

The Highland Lakes Honor Guard: Thank you so much for providing funeral honors for our nephew, Mattew Allen Cain, on May 31, 2014 in Burnet, Texas. Matt led a troubled life, but being in the United States Narine Corps was such an honor to him. We are very proud of his service to our country. For those of us who do not see military honors at funerals very often, it was an extremely heart moving experience, and one we will never forget. Thank you so much for your service to our country, and for your honoring our nephew.
We were deeply moved by your service at M. B. Zimmerman’s service – thank you. Please accept this donation on his behalf. We hope this helps to continue your service for others.
Highland Lakes Honor Guard: The Family of …appreciates the military ceremony you gave. It was truly amazing. My dad was very proud of his service – he would have loved what y’all did. Regards…
Dear Honor Guard, What an honorable deed you serve. Gene was always proud of being a Navy veteran — it was a part of who he was. Today while we remember him, and grieve, it is a blessing to have your presence. Thank you, (name withheld) and extended family
To The Highland Lakes Honor Guard
The family of …. would like to thank each and everyone for the beautiful service you gave our loved one. (Even tho the weather was near freezing.) It was really a beautiful service, and again we thank each of you for your kindness.
… would have been pleased and I’m sure he was smiling down on everyone. May God bless each of you, and again we thank you.
With Love and Appreciation
Thank you so very much for your excellent, professional ceremony for our Dad/Paw Paw.
You not only honored him as a WW II Army-Air Corps Bomb Sight Specialist/Bombardier,
but your explanation of the meaning of each fold of the American flag instructed his children,
grandchildren, and great grandchildren in the true spirit of our great country. God bless you
for this service to Him and your country as well as your comrade-in-arms. Sincerely,
Thank you so very much by the Highland Lakes Honor Guard at the memorial service for Dewey Baker. He would be most proud knowing your organization honored him in your professional style. He had great pride in having been a Marine and to have served his country in World War II. My family and I are most grateful and appreciative for the service the Honor Guard provided. It was so impressive. Thank you. Please accept the enclosed donation for your organization to carry on your military funeral honors for others.
In appreciation for your service to our community, we wish to show our support for your organization with a donation
Thanks, Commander Taylor, the family of Elmer H. Carlsen would like to thank you and all who partiicpated at the graveside service. The reading of the story was a great presentation. It made an impact on all the family members. We would like to make a donation to the Highland Lakes Honor Guard. All of us will cherish the memory of the service. Greatly appreciated…
The Willis family would like to offer our thanks for your participation in the funeral services for Ed Willis. Your actions brought comfort to all who were present. We truly appreciate your services.
Because of good-hearted people like you, this world is a nicer place. I hope all the good you do comes back to you.
Our family wishes to thank each veteran who particpated in the Honor Guard ceremony for our dad. He was very proud to have served his country during WW II, and we know he was smiling down on you and so homored to have been remembered in that way. God bless each of you, and thank you for your service to our country.
Thank you for your Honor Guard services at Trinity Episcopal Church in Marble Falls on September 13th 2013. Your dedication to the military is greatly appreciated. Your kindness and sympathy are more deeply appreciated than any words of thanks can ever express.
Thank you for your service. Tommy would have loved it.
Charlie and the Honor Guard
Thanks so much for your help in making Dad’s memorial very special.
Thank you for your support of Freedom Flyers Summer Youth Program. It is throiugh the generosity of people like you that enable us to reach out to youth here in the Highland Lakes area. Our Gala was a success, and we look forward to your participation next year.
Executive Board, Freedom Flyers
Harvey – Thank you so much for speaking for Jim’s memorial. It was wonderful and so him. The Honor Guard was fabulous too. Please convey my thanks and give this donation to keep them going.

In Appreciation. During a time like this we realize how much our friends and relatives really mean to us. . . . Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered. There were TWO things my Dad valued above everything: His family andhis service to the USA. Thank you for honoring him at his death. It has meant a lot to us. God Bless.
Dear Honor Guard,
Thank you for the beautiful ceremony you performed for my husband. He was very proud of his military service but also very humble. I know he would appreciate your service.
I want to thank everyone who took part in the beautiful service your group gave at the cemetery. It was very touching and I know that my husband would have been so proud of his fellow comrades. The gentleman in his Marine uniform was so impressive and made me understand what “Once a Marine always a Marine” really meant. Our doorbell even plays “The Marine Hymn” so he was still very much a proud Marine. Thank you for your service!
Dear Friends,There are no words to tell you what the Honor Guard meant to me and my family. What a tribute it was to Woody, My husband. Thank you so much for what you do for us and what you do for so many others. Sincerely,
We so appreciate your Honor Guard honoring our father. He was a really proud veteran and would so appreciate your kind words and tribute. Please accept our donation to be used in a way you see fit. Thank you so much.
The Family of Dayton Warden, Sr. acknowledges with deep appreciation your kind expression of sympathgy. We so appreciate your Honor Guard honoring our father. He was a really proud veteran and would so appreciate your kind words and tribute. Please accept our donation to be used in a way that you see fit. Thank you so much.
We can’t thank your group enough for your generosity, and on such short notice. It means so much to my family. It would mean so much to our dad as well.
Thank you sincerely. The Family
Highland Lakes Honor Guard:
Thank you so much for the honor you gave our father at his last resting place. It was so moving to see all the men and women there to give respect to him. The ceremony was so moving and when you explained each fold of the flag, it was so important. I had lost my husband in 2010 and was presented the flag, but I did not know the memaning of each fold until my mother gave me paperwork that explained it. I know thios is a small donation but if it helps your oprganization to continue it is so worth it. What each one of you in ther organization is doing isso important to the ones left behind. My sister and I were so greatful to have your presence there. God bless each of you.
Highland Lakes Honor Guard:
Let me convey our thanks for a job well done at our Wreaths Across America Veterans Program in Sunrise Beach and also a thank you to Harvey Klee for his program at the cemetery. It is a pleasure working with you all.
The Staff at Putnam Funeral Home: Chris, Ray and Jim.
Thank you all very much for thetribute to our loved one at his service. It was very moving. We appreciate your tribute and honor. God bless you.
Dear Highland Lakes Honor Guard,
I want to write you a quick note to express my appreciation for the beautiful and wonderfully patriotic service you gave my grandfather…You perform such a great service to our country but also to the families of fallen veterans. Thank you so very much and may God bless each of you.
To the Highland Lakes Honor Guard, Thank you very much for the beautiful flag ceremony at the rosary for our beloved father and husband (name withheld). It was so very patriotic and we know (name) would be very proud.
We would like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful presentation you did at Richard Fisher’s graveside services. Words can never express how much it meant to us and i know Papa would have been so humbled.
Thank you!
My mom asked me to thank all of you for the services you provided for my dad, a D-Day +1 veteran (Utah Beach) at Marble Falls on May 5th. On such a sad day, your moving ceremony and gentle conversation helped our wounded hearts a little. We now have two flags, Memorial Day and veterans Day will be a lot harder. The measure of men is taken from the things they do when they don’t have to.
Sir, Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have for the ceremony that then Highland Lakes Honor Guard perfored at my dad;s funeral on May 21. The flag folding ceremony and TAPS will forever be in my memory. May God bless each and every one of you.
With appreciation for all you do – this contribution may help sustain a remarkable service.
(Family members)
Dear Highland Lakes Honor Guard,
We want you all to know what a blessing your beautiful and special service was to our family and everyone attending Ronald’s funeral. We are still talking about it. The beautiful flag presentation was so youching and meant so much to his twin brother. May God bless you as you serve those that have served us.
To all members of the Highland Lakes Honor Guard:
My heartfelt thankyou for the wonderful ceremony honoring our dad, Barney Lee Halliburten, on February 11. He would have been so proud of all of you for your dedication to honoring our ,ilitary. He was a wonderful man who loved his country.
Please except this check as a donation to the Highland Lakes Honor Guard in memory of S.A. Landry. This donation is given by the Blended Families Sunday School class at First Baptist Church Garland in Garland, Texas. Thank you so much for all that you did to make this a memorable occasion for (name withheld) and her family. Fondest Regards,

I want to personnaly thank you for helping us and many folks here in Llano County and beyond honoring the deceased veterans during this Christmas season.
Without your help, the day we set the Wreaths Across America wreaths on the veterans graves, would not have been as efficient and a true honor.
We certainly do appreciate yourt participation in our First Annual Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Llano Cemetery with wreaths also placed in Bluffton and in Kingsland.
We also want to wish you and your families ther very Merriest of Christmas’s and a happy New Year. Sincerely,Chris Putnam, CFSP Putnam Funeral Homes & Crematory
Dear Friends,
With deepest gratitude we say thank you for your special ceremony at Jim’s  service. Everyone especially liked the mention of God in some of your readings.
It was a comforting feeling being surrounded by military in uniform – also knowing the military take care of their fallen comrades.
Sincerely and fondly,
Please accept this small donation from the family of (name withheld), from whom you provided a very moving and meaningful military honors cremony. On behalf of the family, thank you first for your service to our country, and second for the service you so selflessly and thoughtfully provide to surviving family members. (signed, a family friend)
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. (Name Withheld) wpuld have been as impressed with the 21-gun salute at his memorial September 1st. This isn’t much – wish I could send more. Bless you all. Sincerely,
A Musical Note of Thanks from Joni,
(Patriot’s Day Program – Marble FallsUnited Methodist Church)
To the Highland lakes Honor Guard –such pride and dedication you brought into our program.
Joni Bedard, Music Director

Honor Guard,
Your part of our Dad’s service wastruly amazing. Everyone commented on how beautiful and moving theflag folding was for them. The whole world should view your serviceand remember our heros@ Thank you so much.

The Family of … wish to thank you forthe beautiful tribute you paid to our Dad…on Saturday 2-12-11 atHighland Lakes Hills Memorial Park. He served our country with prideand loved to tell the grandchildren about his adventures and theynever forget it. He was awarded a Purple Heart for 2 injuries hereceived. He drove a tank, trucks and personal driver for hiscommander (in WW II). He would have loved knowing how he was honored.

The service touched all the loved onesthere. Thanks to all of you for continuing to serve our country andall who served. It was a beautiful ending to a sad day. We send adonation in his honor. Not a lot but with love.

(HLHG NOTE: Although donations areappreciated. all military funeral honors are rendered free of chargeand are offered by the HLHG with that understanding.)

The Family of…would like to saythanks for showing your respect to our husband/father. What a greatjob. This touched us and we know Dad would have enjoyed the serviceand said, “Well Done!”

Thank you for the service you and theGuard performed at my Dad’s funeral. It was an inspiring, emotionaland professional performance and will be remembered always.

First of all I would like to thank youand the remainder of your troop for your service to our great nation.Secondly I would like to thank you, on behalf of the Wills family, asI am sure they share my feeling of indebtedness for Tony´s serviceas well as your obvious commitment to the traditions of our nation´sarmed forces and our fallen comrades. As a former member of the Honorguard of the United States Army, First Cavalry Division I had thehonor of folding, inspecting, and kneeling in front of several lovedones to present the flag. During that time, though I personally knewnone of the soldiers, there was never a time that I was able toperform my duties with a dry eye. Although it has been several yearssince I had the honor of attending another service with militaryhonors, your presentation yesterday had the very same effect on myheart, and many of those around me, and once again brought those sametears of respect and pride. With that said, I commend you on yourprofessionalism, discipline, presentation and willingness to continueto honor those of us who have, without regard of themselves,protected our Country, our States, our Counties, or our Cities.

May you all be blessed for your effortsand commitment. Definitely above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you so much for the beautifulservice you provided for Poppa. He was proud to have served ourcountry. None of our grandchildren had seen a military service andthey were all very impressed! I think it was wonderful that our youngpeople got to see the way you honor one of our own. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for the honor guardceremony you provided during the services for (name withheld). Manypeople told us that they have never seen such a moving and memorabletribute. Each and every one of you are so special to do this for ourveterans and retirees. We will always remember how moving theceremony was and how honored Dad would have been.

Thank you so much for the beautiful jobyou all did at our loved one’s funeral. It will be gratefully andlong remembered.

Words cannot express my deepestheartfelt gratitude for the honor you bestowed – not only to myfather but also how much it meant to my mother, myself and all ofdad’s family and friends to have you there. I know my dad would havebeen so very proud. Thank you for taking the time out of your livesto honor others.

May God speed!

I am so happy with all you provided formy husband…You were all so kind. I will never forget you and thethings you did.

To the Highland Lakes Honor Guard:

I wish to express my deepestappreciation for your presentation during my husband’s Celebration ofLife Service on June 12th. You were able to honor him in such ameaningful and beautiful way. I hank each of you from the bottom ofmy heart.

On Sunday, May 30th, our churchobserved Memorial Day with the most memorable observance of this daythat I can recall in my lifetime…a day when we paid tribute tothose who gave their all for our country…remembering the POWs andMIAs. The Highland Lakes Honor Guard presented their POW/MIA WhiteTable Ceremony under the direction of Charlie Taylor, Commander, andHarvey Klee, Chaplain. It was a very moving ceremony causing many inattendance to shed a few tears. This was definitely a service we willremember for many, many years to come.

We give our heartfelt thanks andsincere appreciation to the Honor Guard for this beautifulceremony…reminding us of those fallen heroes who fought that wemight have the freedom we enjoy today and that…reminding us onceagain…FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!

Kingsland Community Church, Kingsland,Texas

We wish to thank you and all theHighland Lakes Honor Guard for the special service honoring (namewithheld). It was a very moving service. What a special ministry youare performing. Your expression of sympathy will always beremembered.

I want to thank you and the Drill Teamfor a job well done. It is men like you that make us proud.

Meadowlakes, Texas
Thank you for the Flag Folding ceremonyyou performed in honor of my husband’s memory. Enclosed is a donationfor the Highland Lakes Honor Guard to help with your wonderful work.The Guard’s devotion in honoring our departed heroic veterans isdeeply appreciated. God’s blessing to you all.

With many thanks. Your thoughtfulnessis truly appreciated and will be remembered always. Thank you ever somuch for your prayers and moral support during this difficult time.Your flag folding ceremony touches many hearts. Sincerely,

I’m so proud of all the Honor Guarddoes. The service to and for veterans – such a wonderful deed. Whatdeed is more needed and more fitting? You’re the best. Praise thehonorable veterans. Thanks to you and your Honor Guard. Bless youeach.

I’m so pleased that you helped to make(name withheld) memorial more memorable. If he’s looking on I’m surehe was very proud. Sincerely,

Thank you all so much for yourdedication to the veterans of the proud United States of America.

Your service was inspiring and GRAND!Made us really “Proud to be an American.”

Thank you so much for yourparticipation in Burnet County’s Veterans Day Ceremony. Your flagpresentation is so moving and appreciated by all.Donna Klaeger, County Judge
County of Burnet

Thank you for your participation inGranite Shoals’ 4th Annual Veterans Parade and Celebration. Iappreciate your joining us as we honored the efforts and sacrificesthat our veterans made for our nation. It was a beautiful day and avery moving event. We hope you will join us again at next year’sevent, and again, thank you for your contribution this year.
Frank M. Reilly, Mayor
The City of Granite Shoals

I would like to thank you for thebeautiful service you recently provided at the burial service for mybrother. Please accept the enclose check from the family for ourappreciation.

Thanks so much for the ceremony you didat the gravesite for our father. It was so meaningful to the entirefamily. Please accept this gift in memory of him.

Thank you again for the beautifultribute to (name withheld) life. He was a participant on hundreds ofhonor services during his Air Force years, and I know he wascertainly smiling down on you during his.

Please accept our family’s sinceregratitude for the beautiful memorial service you and your fellowmembers provided for our beloved dad, (name withheld), on October 16,2009. It turned what was going to be a simple service into a very,very special and appropriate ceremony. During the special service, Itried to remember all that was said and done; however, I cannotremember the symbolism of the three spent shells that were placed inthe fold of the flag presented to me. If you could please let meknow, I would appreciate it.

Highland Lakes Honor Guard provided avery dignified service for a veteran who was proud to serve hiscountry. Again, thank you.

The Family of (name withheld)acknowledges with grateful appreciation the kind expression of yoursympathy. Thanks so much for the ceremony you did at the gravesitefor our father. It was so meaningful to the entire family. Pleaseaccept this gift in memory of him.

Thank you again for your help with thefuneral honors. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to be withyou all as we provide funeral services for our veterans. The HighlandLakes Honor Guard always provides a very special service to thefamilies that entrust their loved one to us. Good luck to the groupas you continue your dedicated service.
Clements-Wilcox Funeral Home

Highland Lakes Honor Guard,
The family of (name withheld)acknowledges with grateful appreciation the kind expression of yoursympathy. Thank you so much for your contribution in (name withheld)service today. This was very important to him and he was very proudto serve his country.

Dear Commander Charlie Taylor,
We want to thank you and all yourhelpers that participated in the Graveside services for my father(name withheld). You did a wonderful presentation and it would havemade my dad very happy. We would like to make a donation in hismemory … Thank you for all you have done and will do! God blessyou.

Thank you so much for honoring myhusband. Our family really appreciated it. He is now restingpeacefully at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio.

During a time like this we realize howmuch our friends and relatives mean to us…Your expression ofsympathy will always be remembered. Thank you for caring.

Dear Mr. Klee,
I had the pleasure of meeting you atthe Veterans Day program at the Methodist Church in Marble Falls onTuesday. My family and I enjoyed the evening very much. Thank You!Our community is truly blessed with the Honor Guard and the serviceyou provide our veterans and the families of our fallen heroes fromthe present conflicts.
Mark F.Somme
Adastra Video Productions &
Adastra Web Design

Highland Lakes Honor Guard,

The Family of Ray Reid acknowledgeswith grateful appreciation the kind expression of your sympathy. Oursincere thanks to you for helping us honor Ray at this difficulttime. It made us feel proud that Ray had served his country with finemen such as you. Thanks for the honor and dignity you brought to hisservice. You did a great job. We appreciated it so much. Sincerely,

Highland Lakes Honor Guard,
I need to thank you all, each of theHighland lakes Honor Guard, for the super program you all performedat our Round Mountain Cemetery. Have received only highly praisingphone calls. My daughter saw you all on TV. Much good luck wished foreveryone. A small donation enclosed. Thanks again. Best Regards,

Highland Lakes Honor Guard,
On behalf of all the communitiessurrounding the Highland Lakes and the area civic clubs and churches,I want to thank you for making the National Day of Prayer such ameaningful event. The service that you provide brings honor to thenation.

When all the bills are processed andall the clubs “chip in” some lunch money, I am hopeful wewill send $2,000 to the Warrior & Family Support Center at BAMC.That alone will make all the time and effort worthwhile.

The Kiwanis Club of Marble Falls

Dear Mr. Charlie Taylor,
Thank you for recently taking part in atribute to all veterans buried in Round Mountain Cemetery! Pleaseknow that our office stands ready to serve The Highland Lakes HonorGuard and your families should the need ever arise. Thank you foryour service.
Patrick M. Rose, Texas StateRepresentative, District 45

Dear Commander Taylor and Honor GuardMembers,
On behalf of Burnet CISD I would like to personally like tothank you for your participation once again in Veterans Day Ceremony.This event could not have been a success without the help of you andthe many other volunteers who donated their time.
Your enthusiasm, professional manner,and presentation captured the attention of the students and broughthonor to the Veterans and their families. Because of your donation oftime and effort, our fourth and fifth grade students came away fromthe ceremony with a better understanding of the sacrifices that wereand continue to be made top protect our nation’s freedom. Yourdedication to honoring and participating in the armed forces is aninspiration to our community.
Once again, thank you for yourwillingness to recognize our local veterans, and thank you for yourservice to our great nation!
Cathy Doescher, Assistant Principal
R.J. Richey Elementary School
Burnet, Texas

My sons and I wish to thank you andyour men for your services. It’s a wonderful thing you are doing. Our many thanks,

Flag Folding Ceremony.
Thank you so much for the program…Thepresentation was so touching and powerful. Thank you for representingthe honor of America so well. And thank you for sharing with us.

Certificate of Appreciation awarded tothe Highland Lakes Honor Guard by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post6974 “For their outstanding performance of duty during thisyear’s Flag Ceremony” on May 26, 23007

Certificate of Appreciation awarded tothe Highland Lakes Honor Guard by the Patriot Guard Riders “ForDuty, Honor and Patriotism” on June 23, 2007

On behalf of the Board members I thankyou for your participation at Founder’s Day. The presentation ofcolors by the Highland Lakes Honor Guard was a highlight. You couldhave heard a pin drop in the quiet.
Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce

Your tribute to your fellow comrades,those still missing, and our beloved country presented last night atFirst Methodist Church in Marble Falls was the most meaningfulservice to recognize Memorial Day I have ever had the privilege toattend. We all need to be reminded more often of the valiant servicethat our men have rendered to keep this land strong and safe for allof us, especially at a time like this when we are at war.

I will treasure even more than I didbefore the flag given in memory of my husband, Colonel (namewithheld). We failed to witness the flag folding ceremony at hisfuneral, so this presentation was ever so special to me. Thank youall so much for including this in your performance. The flag rests ina special showcase over his medals, and I will think of last nighteach time I see it.

God bless you all for reminding us ofhow greatly blessed we are tom be living in the greatest, mosthonorable and generous nation on earth. God bless America,”…[H]owwonderful the Honor Guard program was this evening. I am so glad Igot back and could be there. It is sad for me to admit at my age thatI learned a lot tonight about our military tributes, the flag, etc.So fantastic. A very nice tribute to (name withheld). Very specialthat (name withheld) had them use his flag as part of the service. Iwas in the back and there were many eyes being wiped throughput theprogram. I think this program should be presented at the middle &high schools. (name withheld) was sitting next to me – I’m sure he or(name withheld) could give the group a good contact. I just couldn’tstay behind and see everyone as I have been up since 4:00 Californiatime this morning and will soon be heading for bed.
Blessings to all,