Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Highland Lakes Honor Guard is to provide full military funeral honors for active duty members, retirees and veterans who served honorably in any branch of the United States Armed Forces. We are not a color guard. For posting of colors, parades, etc., please contact your local Boys Scout Troop or a civilian color guard.

Our Members

Our members are all honorably discharged veterans who have served their country during time of war. They all serve without compensation and provide their own uniforms in accordance with the regulations established by the Honor Guard. Each is held to a high Code of Conduct standard. Upon acceptance to membership they are required to take an Oath of Membership and go through a formal Initiation. These rituals are posted on the Membership page.

The Highland Lakes Honor Guard Creed

I am a proud member of the Highland Lakes Honor Guard.

My standards of conduct and high level of professionalism place me above all others in my service.

I have earned the right to wear the ceremonial uniform, one of which is honored in a tradition and history.

I am superbly conditioned to perfect all movements throughout every drill and ceremony.

The level at which I perform will never be dictated by the type of ceremony, security of the temperature, nor the size of the crowd.

I am constantly driven to excel by a strong sense of dedication that runs deeper than patriotism.

While on ceremonies, I stand sharp and crisp, motionless by choice, for I have voluntarily chosen to represent every member, past and present, of the United States Armed Forces.

I am a ceremonial guardsman.