Donations to the Highland Lakes Honor Guard

As a Section 501 (c)(19) under the Internal Revenue Code, all donations are tax deductible The names of sponsors and their web site links, if any, as well as and the names of donors, unless they request to remain anonymous, are posted here in recognition for their support of the Highland Lakes Honor Guard. Thank you for your suppor                            

                                                                                    A Word About Donations

The Highland Lakes Honor Guard provides full Military Funeral Honors for departed veterans as well as other services within the Highland Lakes area. We have never, and will never, charge a fee for this final tribute of respect and honor to our departed comrades. However, much as an army travels on its stomach, we, as a non-profit organization, survive through the generosity of others.

Unfortunately, there seems to be an ever decreasing number of organizations such as ours available to bestow final military rites upon our honored veterans. More often than not, we are the only working guard unit available even close in the area that provides full military honors. Without us, veterans in the area would more than likely be buried without full military honors. It is through your support and donations, in cash or in kind, that will prevent this from happening.

Please take another close look at our website and ask yourself how much we do is worth to the people we serve. Then ask yourself, “Howe much is it worth to me?” We have been told time and time again, both face-to-face and in writing from veterans’ families and friends that the full military honors we provide for their departed loved ones are “priceless.”

If after doing these things you feel led to help us and all the veterans we serve, please consider contacting our Commander or Vice Commander by telephone as indicated below or just send in your donation to the address provided. If you feel that ours is a worthy cause but are not in a financial position to help (even small donations of $5 or $10 are gratefully and thankfully accepted), try to think of someone you know who might like to help and tell them about our need.

Every dime of every dollar you give will be put towards honoring our heroic veterans with the utmost dignity and respect.

Send tax deductible donations made payable to the Highland Lakes Honor Guard to:

Commander Charlie Taylor

P.O. Box 106

Bluffton, Texas 78607

Or telephone:

Commander Taylor at 325-248-0450

Treasurer Lantz: 830-385-2862

Platinum: Donors who have contributed $1,000 or more

Ruthanne Hoagland in honor of Jeffery Hoagland

Craig and Adrienne Hughes in honor of Jon Bachman

Rachael and Karl Provost “In Honor of our Veteran Dad’s”

Cleola A. Fusilier in memory of Willis Rutledge “Rut” Fusilier with the following:  “During a time like this we realize how much our friends and relatives really mean to us.  Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered.  Thanks for honoring Rut.  It meant a lot to the family.”

Other family members and friends who have donated in memory of Rut Fusilier include:

  •  Charlene Rosencranz ($50.00)
  • Audrey J. Cordell ($50.00)
  • Janice K. Harbach ($50.00)
  • Kay Baier ($120.00)
  • Rita Baier (150.00)
  • Amy, Steve, and Aaron Thomas ($50.00)
  • Mary Janek ($25.00)


Mary Wimberly and behalf of her husband Bill Wimberly

Donation by Ken Johnson on behalf of his father, Patrick Johnson

Hochheim Prarie Insurance Co.

Nick Tabler, Assistant Chaplain and Bulgar, Highland Lakes Honor Guard

The Family of George Eddy

Anonymous Donor by Request #1

Anonymous Sponsor by Request  #2

Gold: Donors who have contributed from $500 to $999

David C. Harden in honor of his father David Harden

Lyle Higdon in honor of his father Everett “Carl” Higdon

RuthAnne Hoagland in menory of Jeff Hoagland

The Family of James Walker

Betty Jones in Memory of Melvin Jones

Suzanne Klee in Memory of our Beloved Chaplain, Harvey Klee

The Jeffery Hoagland Family


Wheelers for the Wounded – hosted by Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Wheelers for the Wounded – hosted by Hidden Falls Adventure Park

The Family of Robert M. Garst, Jr.

The Family of Emmett Warren Sullivan, Jr.

The Disabled American Veterans, Highland Lakes Chapter 198 Kingsland

Wheelers for the Wounded

The Disabled American Veterans, Highland Lakes Chapter 198, Kingsland

The Family of Haroold Aulds

The Disabled American Veterans, Highland Lakes Chapter 198 Kingsland

The Familly of Lawternce “Larry” Fuller

The Family of George Eddy

The Family of Courtland Leroy “Coke” Logue

The Family of Clint A. Low, Jr.

Central Texas Metal Arts, Marble Falls

Silver: Donors who have contributed from $100 to $499


Clayton Funeral Home in Memory of Charles Murley

In Memory of Larry Headrick

In Memory of David Downing

In Memory of B. J. Shelton

The Moss Family

The J. Hammond Family

The Chapman Family

The Garner Family

The G. Vetrick Family – Sue Armstrong

The Woodyard Family

The Guzman Family by Jenkins Funeral Home

The Phillips Family

James Long Donation

The Heffington Family

The M. Wimberly Family

Jenkins Funeral Home in Memory of  Parish, Vance, Heffington, and Wimberly

The Wagner Family

Double Horn Divas Lunch Group

Jenkins Funeral Home Burnet, Texas

Putnam Funeral Home and Crematory, Kingsland, Texas

Jenkins Funeral Home and Flower Shop, Burnet, Texas

Order of the Eastern Star, Chapter 435

J & S Foodmart

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Llano Uplift Chapter . Georgi Brochstein, Regent.

Marble Falls Flower Shop by Jeanine Christian

Jenkins Family Funeral Home on behalf of Emmett Warren Sullivan, Jr.

Darst Funerl Home, Kingwood, Texas

Marble Falls Flowers and Gift Shop

First Baptist Church, Kingsland

Hawthorne Funeral Home on behalf of the Wesley Franks Family

Jenkins Family Funeral Home on behalf of Jerry Brooks

Edgar Funeral Home

Haynes Printing Marble Falls, Stanley & Debbie Cox

Wilson’s Automotive and Motor Sports, Kingsland

Klee’s Kaleidoscope, Llano County

M & K Gas, LTD. dba Bill Smith Butane, Marble Falls

Lee Hoffpauir, Inc. Chevrolet and Buick, Marble Falls

Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 6974

Buttery Company, Inc. Llano

Ace Hardware, Marble Falls

Families and Private Individual Donations:

The Family of Joseph D. Hernandez

The Family of Ricky Lee White

Linda Frazee in memory of J. R. Frazee

Kathy Landreth in memory of John Landreth

A friend of the Harold Myers family

Bernadette Lytle in honor of her husband, Lewis Lytle

The family of R. L. Bland

The Lloyd Nelson Family

Charles R.Seaver III

Maria Francis, widow of Guy Francis

The James family

In memory of Tommy Pfeifer from the Pfeifer family

In memory of Stephen Semrow from Denise Semrow, Stefanie Bunting & Family”

James P. Long

Ivan Graham Jr. Family, Jack and Sherry Youngblood

D E Crowley Family

Rudy Armentrout Family

Karen and Charles Seaver, III

The Greer Family

Randy Becker and Family – Gayle Merka and Family in Honor of Roy Becker

The Braun Family

The Family of Norma Jean and David Eugene McIntosh

From James Long, Sunrise Beach.

From the Sawyer-Chapman Family on behalf of Curtis A. Chapman

On behalf of the Family of Betty Garner

In memory of  Gary Vetvick on behalf of the family and Sue Armstrong

From the Family of Theodore N. Phillips

From the Family of James P. Long

In memory of Mauro Guzman by Jenkins Funeral Home

In memory of Carroll Heffington from Martha Heffington and Family

Carlos Pena, friend of the Highland Lakes Honor Guard

In memory of Auda Ross by Della J. Gibson

In memory of Wilbert F. Schriefer from his wife, Jane Schriefer, and daughters Linda, Janet and Barbara.

In memory of Wilbert F. Schriefer from his daughter and son-in-law, Dennis and Janet Ottmers

In memory of my father, Jack Gilbert, from his son, David Gilbert.

In memory of Walter Nelson by the family.

The Family of Toby Blaylock

On behalf of David Fisher from Helen Fisher and Family

Randy Ward

The Family of Richard Claude Helms III

The Family of Richard Claude Helm III

The Family of Bryan Britton

The  Family of Dennis Louis Davis

Pat & David Weaver on behalf of the Family of Hudson Long

The Family of Don Bandy

Suzanne “Suzy” Lantz

The Family of Charles Neely

The Family of Shelton Darwin Phillips

The Family of Donald Myer James

The Family of Donald Brien

The Family of Charles Edward Guice

From the family of Eugene Earl “Jim”: Ness

From Harold Goehmann in memory of his son Russell Goehmann

From Mary Berlin in memory of her husband

From James L. Blackmon and Lori R. Baran in memory of their father, James Loen Blackmon

From Gene Vollman as a general donation to the Highland Lakes Honor Guard

From Jeff and Jill Moddle, Pam and Roger Fields, Laura and Mike Bass in memory of Gregory Lynn Moddle

From the Smathers Family in memory of Charles W. “Pee Wee” Smathers

From Dr. Kim Murray in memory of Dan Scott

From Wendell and Kathy Nault in memory of their father, Ralph Nault

The Family of Benny Heffington

The Family of Richard Olson

The Family of Rex “Doug” Douglas Michel

The Family of Gordan R. Schlagel

The Family of John Landon

The Family of Bill Evans

The Family of Logan Berry

The Family of Charles Hooks by Cynthia “Cindy” A. Smith

The Family of John E. Silva

The Family of Billy Law Cardwell

Friends of Jesse Scott

The Family of Billy Wade Cardwell

The Family of Leo A. Delisle

The Family of Theodore Bruns

The Family of Joseph Robert “Bob” Holmes

The Family of Burle C. Hawthorne

The Family of Carl Barnes

The Family of Riley Lee Felps

The Family of Marvin Royce Nitzinger

The Family of Herbert A. Ross

Additional family members of the Jesse Scott  Family

The Family of Robert Dunn, Jr.

Additional family members of the Jesse Scott Family

The Family of Jesse Scott

The Family of Roger Daniell

The Family of Patrick William Sullivan (additional donation)

The Family of Carlos Carrol Ashley

The Family of John Kert Goode

The Family of James Leon Baily

The Family of Patrick William Sullivan

The Family of Arthur Ross Buckner

Ada Heffington and Family

The Family of James Short

The Family of Joe Paul Escamilla

The Family of Clarence McMillin

The Family of Ronald Newton Banks

The Family of Leroy Bowles, Jr.

The Family of Vernon Leroy Sodomek

The Family of Alton Ray Mullen

The Family of Raymong Leroy Bearden

The Family of Floyd Edward “Pete” Randall

On Behalf of the Family of Michael “Mike” Dennis Bos

The Family of Robert R. Smith

The Family of Cecil Simpson

On behalf of the Family of Johnnie Dee Reed

The Family of Mathew Allen Cain

The Family of Wesley Shaw “PorkyP Franks

The Family of Delton Brooks Ross

The Family of M. B. Zimmerman

The Family of Donald G. Smith

The Family of Gene Tabb

James P. and Merrel A. Long

The Family Of Vernon Grant Hollingsworth

The Family of Murl G. Story

The Family of Lloyd Waymon Baker

The Family of Richard Louis Parsons

The Family of Dewey Baker

The Family of Jack “Jackie” T. Wheeler

The Family of Jerry Wayne Ross

In Memory of Elmer H. Carlsen

The Family of Larry Myers

The Family of Ed Willis

The Family of David Ray Francis

The Family of Ervin Earl Freitag

The Family of Thomas Howard

The Family of Leslie Berg

The Family of Benjamin David Woodley

On behalf of the Family of O. Leroy Hale

The Family of James D. Vollmar

The Family of Robert Bruce Dines

The Family of David Rainey

The Family of Dayton Warden

The Family of Haskell Keith Bagley

The Murray Ellis and Lawrence Family

The Family of Dave Laird

The Family of Santos Contreras

The Family of Raymond Earle Getzie

The Family of Hal Eric Stafford

The Family of Billy Joe Guthrie

The Family of Alfred Wayne Wood

The Family of Herman Cauddell

The Family of James Long

The Family of Roberrt Lincoln Booker

The Family of Theodore “Ted” Skeen, Jr.

The Family of Lewis Najar

The Family of Walter Preston West

The Family of Henry Maurice “Jiggs” Giddens

The Family of Richard Fisher

The Family of Paul A. Stingel

The Family of Ronald “Ron” Cunningham

The Family of  George Eddy

The Family of William “Willie” Melton

The Family of I.C. “Sug” Mazurek

The Family of Lester Leon Harris

The Family of Robert “Sonny” Henry Spears

The Family of Eugene H. McDonald

The Family of Judge D. C. “Chester” Kincheloe

Ther Family of David H. Filmore, Jr..

The Family of Ronald S. Hibler

The Family of Barney Lee Haliburten

The Family of Shirly “S.A.” Landry

The Family of James Boies

The Family of Harold Charles Carothers

The Family of William Anderson

The Family of Col. Turbiville

On behalf of the Family of Jon W. Terrell

The Family of Dewey Halfacre

The Family of Gordon Cooley

The Shields Family

The Family of Jodi Seaver

The Family of Cecil Coberly

The Family of Weldon Taylor

Edgar Funeral Home of behalf od the Family of Lloyd Meyer

The Family of Albert Richard “A. R.” Kuykendall

The Family of Joe Berry

The Family of Leslie Turbaville

The Family of Earle David Funke

The Family of Tony Roger Wills

The Family of Robert Edward Scott

The Family of Frank Tristan Viola

Friends of J L Dave Davee

The Family of James Nations, Sr.

The Family of James May

Gene Vollman

The Family of Thomas T. “T.J.” Placker

The Family of Curtis Lightfoot

The Family of Hubert Lam

The Family of Harold Lever

The Family of Don A. Stone

The Family of Lynn R. Christy

The Family of Raymond Wendell Cox

The Family of Charles Thomas Williams

Tina Burnham

The Family of John Edward Dittrich

The Family of Billie M. Crafton

The Family of Dean Edwin Steele

The Family of Donald Dee Barnett, Sr.

The Family of Michael Foster

The Family of Larry Wayne Knox

The Family of Clyde Harding

The Family of Stephen Robert “Bob” Vickers

Opal Holland

The Family of Johnnie H. Allen

The Family of Edwin L. “Cotten” Bowen

Harvey H. Klee

Granite Shoals Women’s Club

Roy Massey

Peggy Whitt

The family of James Richard Ashley

Molly Bell

Max Lantz

James and Merrel Long

Bill Riddle

Nick Tabler

Charlie Taylor

Bronze: Donations who have contributed under $100


A-1 Tire Service for Harvey Klee

Putnam Funeral Home for the James Foster funeral service

The City of Granite Shoals – 2017 Donation

The City of Granite Shoals – 2016 Donation

The City of Granite Shoals – 2015 Donation

Allergy Solutions, Inc., Marble Falls

Llano National Bank, Throughout the Hill Country

Tamale King, Buchanan Dam

The Ice Cream Parlor, Marble Falls

The Pizza Hut, Llano

Wisteria, Marble Falls

Hill Country Health Foods, Burnet


Lily Higdon in honor of her father Everett “Carl” Higdon

Mrs. Gloria Daniels

Jim Nier in memory of Ron Hornsby

Victor Thum Family

Wendall and Barbara Brooks, Nick Brooks, Josh and Jennifer Buias

Marian Graham

Gary Crabtree

Jack and Sissy Butler

The Reichling Family

Jack and Cissy Butler

From the Family of Bryan Britton by his daughter, Gail Britton

From the Family of Edward Allen

From the Family of Lee Scott

On behalf of Bill Smith by his brother Hal Smith

Annual donation from Jack & Cissy Butler

Majorie L. Brink in memory of Robert “Bob” Kelly

Kim Murray on behalf of John Landon

The Family of John “Red” Cleveland

The Family and Friends of Hollis Wayne McClinton

The Family of Phillp Burl Chesher

Friends of Jesse Scott

Linda S. Baker, Friend of the Family of Robert M. Garst, Jr

Jesse Scott Friends of the Family

The Family of Robert Dunn, Jr.

Jesse Scott Friends of the Family

Jesse Scott Friends of the Family

Collective donation on behalf of the Family of Jesse Scott

Jesse Scott Friends of the Family

Jesse Scott Friend of the Family

The Family of Jesse Scott

The Family of Charles L. Howard

Jack and Cissy Butler – In appreciation and support of the Honor Guard

The Family of Wayne Graham Gentry

The Family of Carroll Ray Lewis

The Family of Johnnie Dee Reed

The Tommy Lee Crain Family

The Howard L. Channels Family

In Memory of Jerry Brooks

Jack and Cissy Butler

On behalf of the Family of Ervin Earl Freitag

The Family of Sherwood Steadman

The Family of Ed Barrack

The Family of Harold E. McAda

The Family of Robert Roland

The Family of Alvin J. McNabb

The Family of Kenneth Gerald Gallimore

The Family of Howard A. Trammell

Tim Birnham

The Family of McCartney

Peggy Bruneau

Ray Bronk

The Family of Jerry Teaff